Roar: Frame by Frame

The battle of the pop singles continues. A few hours after it was announced that Katy Perry's single Roar finally ended the reign of Blurred Lines on the Hot 100, this feline singer dropped the long anticipated video for the instant hit. Unlike Gaga's Applause, this is an uplifting and easy story that will surely put a smile on your face.

In true Katy Perry fashion it's totally cute, cartoonish and coloroful. As I expected, the songstress took the literal route with the storyline. After experiencing a plane crash with her no good boyfriend, Katy is forced to brave the wilderness on her own and, of course, ends up queen of the jungle. There are tigers (duh!), monkeys and elephants which provide a complete jungle feel. Cute sequences such as Katy brushing an alligator's teeth will definitely keep making you press the replay button.

I think I can sum up the message of this video, as well as the inspiration behind it in one sentence: The journey from Jane to Tarzan. Don't believe me? Check out the video here.

 Tarzan (1999)

 Wild Things, Harper's Bazaar US
Photographed by Jean Paul Goude

  Wild Things, Harper's Bazaar US
Photographed by Jean Paul Goude

 Kenzo sweatshirt

 Tarzan (1999)

 The Warrior Way, American Vogue
Photographed by David Sims

 Lana Del Rey's video for Born To Die

 Jane Goodall

Frida Kahlo

Pygmy Girl In Grass Skirt, 2000
Photographed by Jeff Shea