Runway Review: Alexander Wang Spring 2013

I've always been the biggest fan of Marc Jacobs, but it seems that nowadays his King of Cool title has been taken by Alexander Wang. Wannabes and paparazzi camp outside, begging to get in. Stars from all walks of fame attend his front rows, as well as his infamous after parties (Kerry Washington and Nicki Minaj should be enough for you). Fashion editors and stylists rush to book their favorite pieces minutes after the fashion show is over.

Since he was hired as the fashion director of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang's fashion star-o-meter (I'm convinced it exists) grew exponentially. Numerous spreads and mega-interviews for fashion magazines and (I'm guessing) great exposure on the red carpet (Carey Mulligan, Lady Gaga and Elizabeth Olsen are great fans) have definitely made Alexander Wang a household name.

I for one am glad to say that Wang took to the streets yet again and made such an icredible, wearable and cool collection. Now that he has his Balenciaga post, where his conceptual talents can thrive, it's really great to see Wang do what he does best - dress the New York downtown girls to a T ( no pun intended).

Wang's obsession with pleats from resort has continued into spring. He actually opened the show with a few pleated skirts for a very sexy school girl vibe (the fact that they were paired with men's shirts buttoned only at the top didn't help the mind going to the Lolita place).

Like basically every spring collection by Alexander Wang, this one also had a very crisp and strict feel. No florals here. A pleyade of borrowed from the boys shirts that were worn as micro dresses, boxer shorts (I kid you not) and even slacks that were taped towards the front so they'd fit the models. Couture DIY of sorts, don't you think?

Wang's go-to material, leather, was a huge part of the collection. Whether it was a coat with perforations or pleats on a cocktail dress, it was done in a very sleek way. Also, leave it to Alexander to make the coolest street style worthy pieces. My personal favorite was the Parental Advisory sweatshirt.

As was expected, the accessories that were on show were pure perfection. His bag designs always astound me with its originality. This time around, he played with the idea of an oversized clutch for day. The shoes were chunky white heels that looked like they were made from marble. Another cool edition to the collection were the elbow length leather gloves. What made them stand out were the perforations that said Wang, which is completely appropriate considering that a designer that's gotten this big (not physically, of course) deserves a little logo-mania. What else to say except - Wang rules!

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