Runway Review: Gucci Spring 2014

After New York and London, the time has come for Milan to become this week's fashion capital. As it has been for the past few years, the show that opened the week was also one of the most important ones - Gucci.

Ever since she had her baby, the creative director Frida Giannini has loosened up her designs a bit. Although probably best known for her impeccably tailored suits and body skimming dresses, she definitely did a 180 while designing next spring's collection. Not one pair of skinny pants or a curve-hugging blazer were to be seen. The only trademark she apparently couldn't give up were the towering heels.

I'm guessing that when you imagine a Gucci woman, you don't necessarily think of a sporty chick, but that is what she's going to look like come next spring. Frida decided to open her long-awaited show with a mesh top over an incredibly sexy, bondage inspired bathing suit paired with knee-length culottes in a fiery orange. That very first look of the collection threw me a bit, because it reminded me of Miami and Rihanna's latest street style outings.

As the show progressed, the sporty element was the most prominent one, but done in a more luxurious way. The net-like tops? Suede. The cullotes? Silk. Leave it to Ms. Giannini to translate sport influences into couture.

The rhythm of a Gucci show is always so great. Giannini and her team decided to alternate athletic and feminine looks which proved to be quite effective for everyone watching. For example, a couture tracksuit (stripes on the sides and all) was followed by an ultra-chic, loungy dress with a mini-train that floated behind the model.

The gorgeous prints that really popped against the mostly dark clothes were inspired by Art Nouveau drawings. Blown up flowers in stunning berry shades, as well as fiery orange elements were some of the most memorable parts of collection.

The eveningwear section of each Gucci show is always a delight to watch (and wear, at least that's what Salma Hayek said) and so it was this time, but in a different way. Keeping in tune with the rest of the collection, Giannini shunned the typical gowns she's become quite known for in exchange for shiny pyjama tuxedos (love) and light as air, floaty embroidered tunics paired with transparent, wide leg trousers.

Was this a bad collection? Definitely not. Was it Frida's finest work? No, not really. One thing I am sure of, is that these clothes will have no problem selling around the world and the must-have accessories (strappy shoes with a stacked, triangle heel and tasselled bags in gorgeous colors) are bound to fly off the shelves.

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