#NYFW SS15 pt.4 - Public School, Opening Ceremony & Versus

The level of coolness of the people sitting front row at these three shows was insane. INSANE. Miguel (at Public School), Mindy Kaling (at Opening Ceremony), Rihanna and Naomi (at Versus) enough for ya? And these guys had plenty to feast their eyes on. Whereas Public School and Versus had "classic" presentations, Humberto and Carole from OC opted for a performance art type of thing (written by Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill) and to great success (I hear).

The modern cool of Brooklyn favorites Public School has been lauded in the September issue of Vogue, which means they're a pretty big deal at NYFW (Anna was sitting front row, nonetheless). Their unique brand of androgynous fashion for women (or better yet, girls) and tough, street-cred pieces for the guys has made them a cult favorite in many New Yorkers' eyes. You didn't need a lot of experience to see that the Public School designers took to the streets for inspiration and the results were pretty great - mesh jerseys, basketball shorts, bomber jackets and tunics (for him and her). The elongated silhouette reminded me of Rick Owens' masterful designs, whereas the layering made every look imaginable on one of those cool, but intimidating people sitting front row.

Opening Ceremony doesn't really seem like a fashion brand, as much as a movement. Carole and Humberto, who spent years collecting and discovering pieces from up-and-comers from every single burrough, have recently ventured into designing their own collections (for Kenzo, as well as their alma mater). Experimenting with textures and playing with cool girl staples (they have resurrected the cultish sweatshirt) is definitely their forte (and bread and butter), so why mess with a good thing, right? There was definitely plenty for fans such as Chloe Sevigny and Rashida Jones to wear. The standouts? Incredible outerwear (boxy jackets and anorak-like coats in wild prints), kimono-style minis and, of course, the perennial sweatshirt in various iterations.

Since "cool" is becoming the operative word of this report, no one comes close to it in comparison to the larger-than-life icon by the name of Donatella Versace. When you put the wunderkind who sets Paris' sartorial elite on fire season after season, Anthony Vaccarello, into the mix the results should be (and were) fabulous. Black. Gold. Short. Tight. Leather. The marriage of Versace and Vaccarello proved to be an extremely successful one. Donatella's Grecian key motifs and sharp pants paired with Vaccarello's asymmetric hems and thigh-high slits were pure heaven. It was literally as if Vaccarello jumped into a time machine and went back to the inception of Versus, then put his unique stamp on it. Seamless. And safety pinned, of course.

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