Runway Review: J.W. Anderson Spring 2014

In case you didn't know London Fashion Week began two days ago but even I had to take a weekend break, so I'll be covering all the shows I missed out on today. First up, fashion wunderkind du jour Jonathan Anderson (yup, there's another Jonathan in town).

There has to be a certain amount of pressure when you're deemed in every major fashion publication as The Next Big Thing and even Donatella Versace approves of you, but you wouldn't know it if you saw the J.W. Anderson show yesterday. The man is as confident as ever.

A word I would definitely use while describing Jonathan's collections is strange...but in its best possible sense. This kind of confidence as a designer takes major guts (you have to admit that putting boys in pink mini-skirts is pretty damn daring) and Jonathan proved to us again that he has plenty of it.

As I saw the first few looks coming down the runway, I thought - oh, couture hospital gowns (nothing weird about that, right?), but as the show progressed things became much more exciting and fashion forward.

Anderson put a lot of emphasis on the usage of leather. The mini-perforations and pleats showed quite a technical edge by this very young designer.

Another thing I loved about the show was the 3D quality almost every look had. Aside from the couture leather, Jonathan folded tha fabric to create what reminded me of lips on tops and skirts, as well as a tactile houndstooth.

Intricate (and weird) wrapping of the fabric around the models' bodies was an element J.W. Anderson has become quite known for, so it's nice to see it continue and evolve.

Jonathan Anderson is an exemplary young designer. He unites the confidence and fearlessness it takes to succeed, as well as his own unique approach to fashion that is already visible in each piece he designs.

Photos from Style.com

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