Runway Review: Versace Spring 2014

It comes as no surprise that Donatella Versace was the designer that brought sexy back to the spring/summer 2014 season. When I replay my favorite shows such as Marc Jacobs (modern period dressing), Christopher Kane (geek chic) and Prada (pure artistry), I can't really describe any of them as particularly sexy. That's why we have Donatella who's not afraid to show plenty of skin and give the guys what they want.

The Versace woman is one of the most well defined and iconic incarnations in fashion. Unapologetically sexy with a rock'n'roll attitude and dripping with confidence everywhere she goes - all of that and more was presented to us less than an hour ago in Milan.

The first girls that stormed the runway evoked American working women...only sexier. Blame the denim-like fabric (I'm pretty sure it wasn't denim) and the seductive pairings of skirts (slits on the front and/or side) with billowing menswear shirts.

The skirt as a woman's ultimate fashion ally was a major part of Donatella's story for next spring. Aside from the previously mentioned sexy pencil skirts, most of them were stunning raffia skirts done in laser-cut leather. The controled volume provided by the choice of fabric was what transcended them from romantic to hot in no time.

As if the atmosphere couldn't get any hotter, Donatella sent out multiple bondage dresses in monochromatic tones and pastel, (almost) romantic ones with chain harnesses (the Medusa head was inevitable). One of the reasons why I like the collection is because it truly feeks like a logical continuation of what Ms. Versace has been doing the past six months with Versus, Versace and Atelier. Bondage and the overall rock chick feel? Last season's show. Metal embellishments instead of seams? Atelier. Bondage inspired tops? Versus.

Pretty well known as a pants woman, Donatella gave us a few pairs of skin-tight, textured leather pants paired with wide silk shirts (unbuttoned to the navel with a sexy bra showing, obviously). I can't guarantee you'll be able to have a satisfying meal in them, but you'll look damn good.

Probably the main reason why people and celebrity stylists alike tuned in to watch the show tonight was in anticipation of the gowns Donatella will send out. I think they weren't disappointed, because I sure wasn't. The main motif that adorned each gown was metallic mesh (most effectively done in silver, but also in pale blue and lavender). I can't imagine any woman wearing one of those dresses and not looking (and feeling) sizzling hot.

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