Runway Review: Mary Katrantzou Spring 2014

Fans of Mary Katrantzou's designs will let people walk all over them next spring...in the most literal sense. One of the most famous young British designers put together another superbly original collection with a couple new references and a few of her staples.

If the fashion world crowned the best print designer in the business, I'm pretty sure Mary would get the award every single year. The woman just can't be matched by anyone at the moment. After antique furniture and vintage stamps, the time came for men's shoes.

Not to worry, there were no Nike-like sneakers splattered across dresses. On the contrary, Mary was apparently looking at vintage-y shoes from the 20s and 30s while designing this collection. 

Also, basically every single dress looked easier to wear than perhaps ever before. The slight bubble dresses and pleated skirts (trend alert!) with all these wild patterns looked like they were a blast to wear. You're bringing the party with you everywhere you go.

After the shoe dresses, Katrantzou focused on what she always does brilliantly - flowers. Yup, I said flowers and not florals because with her designs there is always a 3D quality with what comes down the runway. With these pieces in the most delightful color palette (blush pink, citrus yellow and lavender, among others), Mary decided to exaggarate the shapes. Top halfs of certain dresses actually looked like precious flowers.

For me, personally, it's pretty rare to see these (almost) cartoonish prints and actually like them, but with Mary Katrantzou I always love every single look she sends out. Can she do any wrong fashion-wise? I think not.

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