Runway Review: Dries Van Noten Spring 2014

The one thing anyone who knows even a little bit about fashion can and should appreciate is Dries Van Noten's consistency as a designer. I've been involved in fashion for about half a decade and I have yet to see a Dries collection I wouldn't deem great (at the least). Thankfully, his winning streak continued for the umteenth time.

I bet the reason so many women adore Van Noten is that his designs always liberate and never constrict. The few opening pieces proved my theory - a roomy tank dresses (with golden leaves on the sides, a motif I'll touch on in further detail), menswear inspired pants and a knee-length flared skirt (gold again).

Always excellent, but never a top trendsetter, Van Noten did manage to touch on something I feel will be BIG for next spring - tasselled ornaments a la 19th century curtains (seen at Marc Jacobs).

Something that I felt was very new for Dries' gigantic opus of work was dainty and vintage-y lace and ruffles. Plenty of ruffles. For example, he closed the show with these (some might say) OTT dresses with exaggerated tiers placed on one hip or shoulder. All I can say is that it will take a very confident lady (Cate or Nicole, ahem) to pull those stunners off with ease.

There was also a subdued luxury about the collection represented most in tapestry inspired tops and rich looking golden brocades. 

Although his pieces may not be necessarily splashed across a million covers and he isn't worn by the hottest young starlets, Dries Van Noten has one of the clearest visions of what a modern 21st century woman should look like. And what I like most about that vision is that it's always based on personality and intellect. Nowadays, that's too big of a rarity.

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