PREVIEW: Isabel Marant for H&M

So check this out. Juuust as I'm preparing (for an hour) to turn off my computer and go to sleep, I see a Facebook post about some leaked lookbook photos from Isabel Marant's collection for H&M and boom! - it's like a triple espresso has been injected in my veins.

I can still remember an early morning this June like it was yesterday - I'm doing my mandatory social networking before washing my face or brushing my teeth and stumble upon a tweet from Style.com that Marant is collaborating with H&M. My hapiness was immeasurable. A fashion guy's version of Christmas morning.

Although I had a pretty good idea of what the collection's gonna look like, Isabel still managed to blow my mind and make me start saving money starting now. She basically did her version of Best Of and I sort of want every single piece.



  • Ikat print jeans...for boys AND girls. CHECK! 
  • Oversized jackets...interchangable between sexes. CHECK! 
  • Fuzzy sweaters. CHECK! 
  • And get this! Remember those tasselled boots everyone and their mother was rocking a few years ago? She recreated them too, of course.

How more genius can you get, Marant?

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