Runway Review: Marni Spring 2014

There has been some quirk missing in Milan this week. Aside from Prada, the only taste of it we got was at Marni and even there it was very purified and (surprisingly) minimal.

I always find Consuelo Castiglioni's collections for Marni tiny fashion gems that not everyone wears (or even knows) except for fashion's top echelon (read: Anna Wintour). After I've done a little research on this cute, but enigmatic brand (circa their H&M collab ages ago), I found out that the reason why I always love their shows is British Vogue fashion editor Lucinda Chambers who works with Casitglioni styling every show.

Castiglioni's amazing design was again enhanced by Chambers' styling talents as was witnessed with the first look that walked on the runway - gigantic white palazzo trousers and a simple black tee sound really basic (and let's face it - they are) but the amazing accessories they were paired with are everyhing but. Get this: a freakin' visor (in love with those, for some weird reason), an architectural necklace (sunglasses and lipsticks were involved) and, I kid you not, platform flip-flops. Quirky perfection.

Prints have always had a huge role in Marni collections (especially spring/summer ones), but this time they took the backseat. The specimens we did get a glimpse of were stunners, though. Abstract tulips and orchids climbing their way up sleek, belted silhouettes were ultra-modern and are sure to wind up on Anna's shopping list.

The last bit of the collection was in full bloom - literally. Painted little flowers were applied on classic shaped tops and skirts. Oh, and if that wasn't fabulous enough, guess what they were accesorized with? Jewel encrusted visors. A fashion hole in one, I say.

Photos from Style.com

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