Runway Review: Prada Spring 2014

We've seen the brilliance of Marc Jacobs in New York and Christopher Kane in London, so now the time came for the third designer in this original holy trinity - Miuccia Prada. As with the previous two, with Prada you can never know what to expect...and that's why she's the real queen of fashion.

Let me set the mood for you a little bit. While I was waiting for the show to start (it was 30 minutes late, after all), Prada showed a bunch of artists painting the set for, what I'm guessing, were days. Soon after, Instagram was swamped with pics of these quirky portrait murals. The set was basically a Prada art gallery and I immediately fell in love. Very art performance-y without the pretentiousnes.

This is probably the first time I'm touching on a show soundtrack and that's because I just loved it so much. Fashion darling M.I.A was present with her latest song Bring the Noize, as well as the princess of pop Britney Spears with the fresh banger Work Bitch. Oh, and a little I Want Candy was thrown in for good measure. Genius!

The sonic background fit the show like a glove. Every look was drenched in optimism and happiness. You can always count on Mrs. Prada to change the pace of her work as seasons go by. Just remember the ominous and sensual feel of the film-noir-gone-awry collection for fall. What we saw yesterday was a complete 180...yet again.

The murals that covered the walls of the set also adorned some of the dresses Miuccia designed. Her latest muse, Amanda Murphy, opened (and closed) the show in a bias cut dress with heavy embellishments (gems, beads and sequins) and a pop-art portrait. It may sound totally over the top, but, as always, it worked perfectly.

Embroidery was one huge headline for this show and the other one was athleticism. This should come as no surprise, considering that the Gucci show was dripping with sportswear luxury. At Prada it was done very differently, of course. For example, the elastic band from tracksuit bottoms served as the top of a strapless cocktail dress paired with heavily embellished tube socks and sport sandals (also seen at MJ).

Also, Prada is probably one of the rare shows where your eyebrows don't raise when you see embellished bras over gorgeously color-blocked dresses. Somehow it all looked beautiful.

Miuccia was also quite big on fur for spring. If you've read my little article on the matter, you know how much I love that. The fur was colored in a way that didn't look tacky, but playful and artistic and modern. My favorite piece? A shaved fur coat with a surrealist rainbow and sun on the bottom.

This show was everything - new, fresh, fashion forward, beautiful, artistic, memorable...and I could go on and on. Not only were there works of art adorning the venue, little works of art were also walking the runway.

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