Runway Review: Victoria Beckham Spring 2014

Who could have ever guessed that Victoria Beckham's fashion line would be such a fashion slam dunk each coming season? I have to admit that I had my doubts, but Mrs. Beckham not only delivers, but kicks things up a notch with every new collection.

She was first recognized by fellow celebrities for her impeccably tailored, figure-hugging dresses and with this collection those will be her bread and butter. A few seasons ago Victoria started experimenting with sporty elements in her designs and to great success, I might add.

If I had to categorize Victoria Beckham as a designer, I'd say she's a minimalist. We have yet to see crazy prints or even jewellery on her runway. Obviously knowing that you shouldn't mess with a good thing, Victoria did what she does best - casual minimalism.

Contrast is the first word that pops to mind when I look at the dresses shown at the very beginning. Not only because they were black and white, but also because I detected a mixture of 90s minimalism and a classic vision of femininity that was peeking under it (literally) in the form of white ruffles (reminiscent of vintage tennis skirts). Also, white oversized T-shirts morphed into tunics with a subtly ruffled hem.

Don't think Victoria just showed dresses, there was plenty of cool outerwear and pants (cropped slacks) on display too. Particular favorites of mine were an oversized sleeveless jackets (with oversized lapels, of course) and a skinny white vest done in a techno fabric.

Pops of color were provided by a few hot pink exits and also a gorgeous dark red and sky blue dress.

I really liked this more youtful outing by Victoria. Whereas some may argue it will be at the expense of losing her regular customers, I think that with this collection she is merely garnering many, many new ones.

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