Runway Review: Christopher Kane Spring 2014

I've said this dozens of times that Christopher Kane is the best young designer working in fashion at the moment and he didn't do one thing to make me think otherwise. Fashion is always supposed to change and evolve, as well as the people that make it. Legends like Miuiccia Prada and Marc Jacobs manage to do so every time they show new collections and with his latest show (I was pretty sure when I saw the last one, but this one cemented it) Christopher Kane became a member of this exclusive club.

The inspiration behind each Christopher Kane collection is always so brilliant that I can't really compare it to anyone else's. A few years ago it was dinosaurs and not that long ago - Frankenstein. As a guy that is really into deciphering the artistic background of every piece of fashion I see, you can understand my delight when that isn't Katharine Hepburn or the roaring 20s for the umteenth time.

This time around, it was nature. A deeply thought out and executed idea of nature. Kane started us off with simply cut dresses and skirts with huge metal petals shaped like teardrops. These not-so-little details occupied basically the first half of the collection and I believe they'll have a place in every major Pieces of the Season editorial the next few moths.

Every fashion lover reading this will remember Christopher's stellar lace collection (and for those of you who don't, here's the link to it) and there was some of it present in this one as well. It seemed much daintier than what I expected, although not so much in one of my favorite looks in the show - mint green sweatshirt with "FLOWERS" written on it paired with a knee-length, pleated lace skirt.

Christopher Kane's technical excellence came through in a series of three looks. The fabric looked like some sort of plastic mohair that wasn't hemmed so the edges were fluffy and resembled glass wool. I have no freakin' idea how he did it, but those three looks were some of the most exciting this season.

The most prominent motives that Christopher incorporated in this monster of a collection were the flower illustrations from biology textbooks we all studied from once upon a time. Another school reference - arrow scribblings (which I often do myself, so I'm particularly partial) made out of lace, believe it or not. Leave it to Christopher Kane to make geek chic.

If I tried really hard, I could probably put this in a much more intelligent and articulate way, but I'm going to put it succintly - Christopher Kane is a genius. Period.

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