Runway Review: Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2014

I hope you guys are ready for the fashion grand finale, because today marks the beginning of Paris Fashion Week. After three weeks of either great (Marc, Christopher and Miuccia) or mediocre (I won't name any names - you know them) collections, I am ready to be floored in the City of Light (come on Raf, Karl and Marc again).

Before we get to the greats, let's start with some up-and-comers, the definition of which is Anthony Vaccarello. His designer abilities have been buzzed about for a few years now (thanks to the gorgeous gams of Anja Rubik and J.Lo), but never as much as in the past few days. If you've been keeping up with some fashion insiders on Twitter like I have, you've probably heard that Donatella Versace is rumored to be courting young Anthony as a future Versus collaborator. Considering the talent that has co-designed with fashion's fiercest blonde (Christopher Kane and J.W. Anderson) for this youthful brand, it is quite a covetable position. All I can say is that today's presentation was a stellar audition.

Vaccarello's vision of a woman is, let's be honest, pure sex. Yup, sexy in the way real guys want women to be - with plenty of skin on show. Even though he is such a young designer, his definition of femininity is becoming clearer and, may I say, hotter each season.

The strength that his pieces encompass always came from military references and so it was this time. Just look at the show opener - Anja Rubik (well, of course) rocked a Roitfeld shirt (translation: menswear tailoring, half-buttoned, rolled up sleeves), a micro skirt (slits on the side, obviously) and a navy military jacket (golden buttons and all).

For Vaccarello, buttons weren't just functional, they were also decorative. Perhaps his version of heavy embellishments we've seen on a lot of runways. Also, they totally evoked Versace from the Gianni heyday. 

If you're not as daring as Vaccarello's fantasy woman, there were options for you as well. For example, the slightly oversized, but still perfect looking suit (worn by Zuzanna Bijoch) was paired with a net tank top (sportswear influences are EVERYWHERE) and shackle heels (I coined that; look at the pictures).

Vaccarello took to the streets with his cool usage of denim. Think super acid-washed jeans, mini skirt and jacket (worn all together only for the bravest fashionistas). 

Some of the most interesting pieces were inspired by sailor women. Get this, an asymmetric white vest paired with a sliced up navy mini with white and red leather straps that are basically there to attach the front of the skirt to its back. Haute!

As I said, if this was an audition collection, there's nothing left for us to do but to keep our fingers crossed for Vaccarello × Versus. I believe it would a match made in fashion heaven.

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