Runway Review: Jil Sander Spring 2014

Let's face it: Milan is not a minimalist fashion capital. It's best known for high voltage glamour (a.k.a. animal prints chez Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana) and luxury to the fullest (Gucci and Fendi), so today's Jil Sander show felt like a fish out of water...in sort of a good way.

Ever since she took back the helm of her fashion maison, I've been waiting for Jil Sander to really wow me. Don't get me wrong, the past two collections were lessons in crisp minimalism, but there was no kick to them. Unfortunately, the same can be said of today's presentation.

Firstly, I was kind of ticked off when the official site broke down so I couldn't enjoy the show how I like it - in real time. I had to take to my Twitter account and refresh over and over again for new Instagram shots from the show. Now that I've vented, let's talk about why you're really here - the clothes.

Sander confirmed one of the major trend by merely opening show. Oh yeah, you guessed it - the crop top. The look was put together in a cool way - a fitted cropped blazer covered the top paired with borrowed-from-the-boys capris.

It should come as no surprise that the color palette was monochromatic, aside from a few nude colored coats. Clean? Yes. Crisp? Yes. A tad boring? Yes. A jolt of color was provided by (only) three looks with a wild camo-meets-collage print in primary colors.

Sander stuck to the silhouette most in her comfort zone - the belted one. After last season's statement buckles, this time it was a tad more streamlined (if possible) and 90s inspired.

Minimalism is well and fine but after seeing this show, I can't help but wonder if minimal is at times just code for not enough?

Photos from Style.com

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