Just In: American Vogue September Issue

I bet there's a saying among young Hollywood actresses: "Once you've been on the September cover of Vogue, you know you've made it." Well, if Jennifer Lawrence and her rise to the top haven't merited a Vogue cover, then I don't know what has. Just think about it, this girl has everything (I presume) Anna Wintour looks for in a cover girl - success, fame, critical acclaim, a fashion endorsement and a hot new movie coming out. Check times five.

To say that Lawrence's American Vogue cover has been long overdue is a huge understatement. I personally expected it as soon as she exploded onto the scene after Winter's Bone, but Wintour obviously needed more persuading.

When the news broke that J.Law will be on the most prestigious cover in the world, I expected (and envisioned) much more than what Vogue has presented this morning on their website. Don't get me wrong, Jennifer looks wonderfully youthful and radiant, but the styling could have been waaay better, especially considering that it's THE fall fashion issue. We see her in proper autumnal pieces from the likes of Rochas, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci and Ralph Lauren (all Vogue USA favorites) talking walks around a gorgeous estate (whether by her lonesome or with ADORABLE puppies) or just lounging indoors. What I find most jarring is that there's no wow-effect in the clothing chosen by Tonne Goodman. I mean, what 23-year-old would ever be caught dead in that enormous Rochas wool suit? 

As soon as I browsed through the Mario Testino photographed spread, I immediately thought it looked like a crossover between something you'd see in Teen Vogue and Elle Decor. I guess I'm still nostalgic for the edgy and more ambitious shoots like the one with Keira Knightley from 2008 which took place in Berlin and featued edgy pieces from Balenciaga, as well as edgy artwork from the coolest German artists.

There's no doubt this issue will fly off the newsstands and why wouldn't it? Jennifer Lawrence is the most famous (and adored) actress in the world and she looks stunning in every single picture (especially the one in Louis Vuitton while carrying a dog that looks EXACTLY like mine), I just wish it was a tad more risky in terms of the fashion. Well, I won't be disappointed for too long because I'm bound to satisfy my high fashion cravings in this monster (902 pages!!!) of an issue.

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